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RWP-ELWIRE 6FT  (In Stock) $28.00 $12.00



El Wire - Electroluminescent Wire - 6 Feet (2Meter) - Portable-Battery / 12V DC Car / House Electric / USB


Electroluminescent wire (often abbreviated to EL wire) is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows when an alternating current is applied to it. It can be used in a wide variety of applications—vehicle and/or structure decoration, safety and emergency lighting, toys, clothing etc.—much as rope light or Christmas lights are often used. Unlike these types of strand lights, EL wire is not a series of points, but produces a 360 degree unbroken line of visible light. Its thin diameter makes it flexible and ideal for use in a variety of applications such as clothing or costumes.


Choose Optional Controller:

#1 Battery Operated Portable Controller

#2 12V DC Car Plug

#3 110-220V House Current

#4 USB


  • Flexible and water resistant, can be bent into any shape and cut into any length
  • Can offer 360 degrees of illumination
  • Energy saving, long life time
  • Life time: more than 12,000 hours
  • 3 light modes: steady on, quick flashing, slow flashing
  • Great for car decoration, parties, camping, bar decoration and so on
  • Wire diameter: 2.3mm
  • Wire length: 2m
  • Working temperature: - 40°C to 80°C
  • Portable / AA Battery Controller is Powered by: 2 X AA batteries (not included)


Available Options:
color option:
controller option:
Weight: 2.00 lb
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 February, 2012.

TEXT_VIEWING El Wire - Electroluminescent Wire - 6 Feet (2M) - Portable-Battery / 12V DC Car
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